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TCC Report: Social Justice Week & Talon’s Market

Hello everyone and welcome to a new edition of the TCC Report, I’m Elton Gumbel. College life is full of decisions.. Should you major in theater or computer programming? Welding or poly sci? Should you study for the big test, or go party? I hope you choose to study. One choice no college student should… Read More »

What Is Justice?: Crash Course Philosophy #40

Justice is one of those things that people talk about all the time, without really being specific about what they mean. Activists talk about economic justice. Police and lawyers talk about criminal justice. Parents, teachers, and students talk about justice a lot, too, though they may never use that word. When there’s a fight on… Read More »

Finding Empathy through Service

We’re bringing our kids out to a different community in our state trying to give back to that community the county that we’re in right now is one of the poorest counties in the state I don’t want them personally knowing that I did it or like that we did anything I want them to… Read More »

Is Abortion Okay Because It’s Legal?

And we go to Rich in Illinois, listening on 88.1 FM. Rich, your comment for Trent Horn. Yes sir, thanks for taking my call. I think as long as the society is what it is, that people have different addictions, drug addictions, alcohol, gambling, you know, the drugs, that these children are not going to… Read More »

Social Services Worker – Durham College

I find before I even took this program I was kind of the friend that my friends would come go to say, ‘I have this problem or that problem’. They knew I wouldn’t judge. I chose this program because of the different elements, the field placement, the accessibility to two field placements. Usually, you’re only… Read More »

How to Choose the Right Community Service Project – Kyung Yoon

Erik: How can one make his or her community service more impactful? Kyung: I think it’s important to define impact in your mind, you know, as you’re about to go out and say, “I want to make a difference in the world. I want to be a part of change in the world.” And I… Read More »

“Economy with a Truly Human Purpose” (Pope Francis): Is it Possible?

[CAROZZA] Good morning and welcome. My name is Paolo Carozza, I’m the Director of the Kellogg Institute for International Studies at the University of Notre Dame. It’s a great pleasure to be here. Thank you to the New York Encounter for hosting us. It’s also a privilege for me as Director of the Kellogg Institute… Read More »

Helping Your Community Through Volunteering

Why do people volunteer? A good question after a lot of brain strain, I still have no answer For many years I walked around the area I live for exercise and relaxation I encountered many people while walking and we would pass each other without saying a word Out of blue I decided to smile… Read More »

The Line

– The have and the have-nots. The line. The place the people on the bottom are trying to get to and the place the people on the top are trying to keep from going below. They don’t want to look below it, either, ’cause they don’t want to see what’s down there, because that’ll make… Read More »