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Why it’s problematic to have 2 popes weighing in on key issues for Catholic Church

JUDY WOODRUFF: The stories coming out of Rome this week are essentially unprecedented. Former Pope Benedict was said to be weighing in on a sensitive issue facing his successor, Pope Francis. That alone was highly unusual. But then it turned out he reportedly disagreed with a potential change in church law that Pope Francis was… Read More »

Saint Dominic of Silos”Saint of the Day” December 20(365 Days of Saints)

Saint Dominic of Silos was a Spanish monk, to whom the Abbey of Santo Domingo de Silos, where he served as the abbot, is dedicated. He is revered as a saint in the Catholic Church Born in Cañas, La Rioja, to a family of peasants, he worked as a shepherd before becoming a Benedictine monk… Read More »

Church History in 5 Moments | Catholic Central

– How old are you here? – Uh, like three I guess. – You haven’t changed a bit. – What? But I’m so much taller! And I’ve got this deep voice. And I don’t play with toys anymore. – Well, you can change and still stay the same, you know, you’re like a tadpole, or… Read More »

What’s Catholic? | Catholic Central

(upbeat music) LIBBY: Hi, I’m Libby. KAI: And I’m Kai. LIBBY: This is Catholic Central. KAI: And today, we’re gonna be talking about the Albigensian Heresy of the late 12th century. LIBBY: No, the topic is what’s Catholic. KAI: Oh, well then, how would you describe me in a few words? LIBBY: Well unprepared, and… Read More »

Every Roman Catholic Must See This!

First of all I always like to tell folk I’m not giving this testimony because I have any ill feeling in my heart toward the Roman Catholic people. I couldn’t be a Christian if I still had bitterness in my heart. God delivered me from all bitterness and strife and delivered me out of all… Read More »

Former Vatican’s adviser & Jesuit exposes russophobic Vatican and Ukrainian Greek-Catholics

Today it seems to me that in the west of Ukraine and among the Ukrainian diaspora the biggest goal of the catholic church is to spread an extreme version of Ukrainian nationalism And russophobia Everything that is Russian is bad Monk Konstantin Simon was born in 1955 in the US to a Hungarian father and… Read More »

How a Pirate Became the Pope

The Western Schism, a split in the leadership in the Catholic church opened the door just wide enough to allow a pirate to rise up the ranks to pope. Baldassare Cossa, a pretty unholy figure known for seducing nuns and betraying his enemies or you know, pirate stuff, reigned for five years as Pope John… Read More »