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Saint Dominic of Silos”Saint of the Day” December 20(365 Days of Saints)

Saint Dominic of Silos was a Spanish monk, to whom the Abbey of Santo Domingo de Silos, where he served as the abbot, is dedicated. He is revered as a saint in the Catholic Church Born in Cañas, La Rioja, to a family of peasants, he worked as a shepherd before becoming a Benedictine monk… Read More »

A Catholic Archbishop Learns from a Millennial, Part 2

– So now you haven’t been in the cathedral before? – [Paul] Never so this’ll be my first time. (calm music) – So the whole point of the cathedral, the word itself is taken from that chair that you see right in the middle. Have you had that background before? So it’s the Latin term… Read More »

The Two Popes | Official Trailer | Netflix

What is that plant? It’s oregano. -Your gardener gave it to me. -You’re very popular. I just try to be myself. Whenever I try to be myself, people don’t seem to like me very much. Confidential Church documents were allegedly leaked to the press. …alleging corruption… …and misconduct among the clergy. I hope this business… Read More »

How Do You Become A Saint?

Two famed Palestinian nuns were recently declared saints by Pope Francis in Rome. So, how does one become a saint? Manbeing a role model, renouncing material possessions and, above all, being devoted to y religions have saints, and across the board they usually show similar characteristics – like God. But Roman Catholicism in particular has… Read More »