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Daron Acemoglu on Why Nations Fail

The main idea of the book is that if we want to think about the prosperity or poverty of nations, we have to think about the politics of it—in particular, we have to think about institutions that provide incentives for innovation and investment, or a level playing field. But, sadly, those institutions are rather rare… Read More »

Top 10 Best Designed National Flags

English CC by Charles Baluyot (PH) Rebecca: Their grand old flags; their high-flying flags and forever in peace may they wave. Welcome to WatchMojo.com, and today, we’re counting down our picks, for the “Top 10 Best Designed National Flags”. For this list, will be scouring the globe to look at the flags of current sovereign… Read More »

Is the Trump presidency a religious cult? | Reza Aslan

Eighty-one percent of white evangelicals voted for Donald Trump in the previous election. That’s a record. That’s more white evangelicals than voted for George W. Bush—and George W. Bush was a white evangelical. This makes no sense to people, especially when you consider that Trump is not just the most irreligious president in modern history,… Read More »

THE SIEGE! Hungry Polar Bears Surrounded Russian Village In Siberia And Hunting For Humans!

This week shocking scenes are coming from Chukotka. Polar bears took the whole village for a hostage. More than 50 bears gathered near the polar village of Ryrkaipiy, where several hundred people live. The Chukchi Sea still didn’t really freeze, and the bears cannot leave on the ice to hunt for a sea animal. They… Read More »

Rabbi floored by racist thugs screaming ‘Kill the Jews’ in anti-Semitic attack – The News

 A rabbi was knocked to the ground and had abuse hurled at him in an anti-Semitic attack that took place in a predominantly Jewish area  The race hate thugs are claimed to have screamed “Kill the Jews” at the 54-year-old victim before pushing him to the ground in Stamford Hill, north London  Neighbourhood watch group… Read More »

The Catholic Church May Owe Abuse Victims Another $4 Billion

The Catholic Church is going to have to open up its checkbook thanks to new laws allowing victims to sue predator priests and the institutions that protected them. After decades of living with trauma, there may finally be justice. But to make any sense of this, let’s talk about why some victims have not sued… Read More »

How Powerful Is The United Nations?

The UN Security Council unanimously passed a resolution that quote “condemns in the strongest terms”, the attack that brought down Malaysian Airlines Flight 17 over Ukraine. They also demanded unfettered access to the crash site. But they haven’t yet listed this resolution under Chapter VII of the United Nations Charter, so the resolution is not… Read More »

Watch President Donald Trump’s Full Address To The 2019 United Nations General Assembly | NBC News