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15 Adults Knew of Penn State Sex Abuse, Reminds of Catholic Church

david patten insure david dot com depends state sexual abuse pedophilia scandal continues to unravel louis and i couldn’t think of any sicker hiring than the fact that accused coach jerry sandusky wrote an autobiography titled touched the jerry sandusky story which was published in two thousand one um… this is uh… it’s it’s a… Read More »

How to Get Involved in Your Local Community

Hi! I’m Rachel Calderon Navarro and this is How to Adult. One of the coolest parts of being an adult is that you have agency. If you don’t like something, you can work to change it. And if you care about something, you can help make it even better. By getting involved in your community,… Read More »

Martin Luther King’s Legacy: Community Service or Protest?

good afternoon everybody get a chance to hear and take action news react radio so but they’ll be with us on this special not duration addition this is the show at the time of what’s going on the world of politics and government what you can do to influenced outcomes coming up we’ll talk with… Read More »

Paul Ryan Gets Schooled By Catholic Nun On His Policies That Only Benefit The Rich

On Monday night, Paul Ryan held a town hall discussion in Wisconsin where he finally decided to take some questions from his constituents and tried to calm all the fears that people have over the fact that republicans are trying to take everything away from them. But there was one question from an audience member… Read More »

George H.W. Bush Funeral Live: Watch memorial in Washington, DC

PBS NewsHour full episode August 2, 2019

JUDY WOODRUFF: Good evening. I’m Judy Woodruff. On the “NewsHour” tonight: out before he’s in. President Trump’s much-criticized pick to be director of national intelligence withdraws from consideration less than a week after he was named. Then: an island in political crisis. The embattled governor of Puerto Rico steps down, a new one sworn in,… Read More »

Catholic Hospital Denies Gay Man HIV Meds

uh… okay i talked to when we talked about the catholic contraception debate about a lot of times slippery slopes dot really exist right a lot of as people say that would be a slippery slope if you open up the store all these other things will happen in many times it’s not really a… Read More »

Are Rideshare Services Like Uber Legal?

Ride-sharing apps like Uber and Lyft are now operating in cities all over the world, but they don’t appear to follow any of the normal rules for taxis or car services. In fact, they don’t even have to register as a car service. So, what’s going on? Are Uber and Lyft even legal? Technically, Yes.… Read More »

Are Married Priests The Solution To Global Catholic Clergy Shortage? | NBC Nightly News

How Powerful Is The Mormon Church?

Mormons. We know the name thanks to high profile members like Mitt Romney and a popular broadway musical, but according to a recent survey, most Americans don’t know much about them. In fact, critics suggested that voters didn’t allie with Romney in 2012 because they were suspicious of the Mormon faith. So who exactly are… Read More »