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No Boys Were Born In a Mystery Village for 10 Years

Something strange happens in a small village in Poland. Local women sound the alarm. The mayor wants to reward someone who delivers what’s been missing. Experts try to solve the inexplicable mystery that’d gripped the place… Relax, nothing criminal going on there. Just a little demographic puzzle, but I’ll get to that in a bit.… Read More »

Polish Catholic Church Launches “Exorcist Monthly” Magazine

alright the polish catholic church launched a new magazine it’s called exorcist monthly you would think this is a joke repair it it’s not net flared he sent me this information the official number of exorcist over the last fifteen years has gone from for over a hundred and twenty in the catholic church so… Read More »

Catholic Relics and Polish Catacombs [Kult America]

From menacing crypts to impressive castle towers. On today’s episode of Kult America we are visiting the City of Przemyśl. The Przemyśl Market Square is really amazing to me, because it’s so old. This place was actually built around the second half of the 14th century. And many of the original buildings are still in… Read More »

Jan Józef Lipski – ‘Free Cardinal Wyszyński’: Catholicism and democracy (70/215)

But I want to come back to Goździk. There was a moment during one of the rallies where I saw his talent. At some point, somebody shouted out, ‘Free Cardinal Wyszyński!’, which to me was entirely obvious. How can anyone be imprisoned for who knows what and why? The issue wasn’t because this was Cardinal… Read More »

I’m Catholic, But I’m Not

I’m Catholic But I’m not… I’m Catholic, But I’m not… I’m Catholic But I’m not stuck I don’t speak Latin I haven’t read all of the Pope’s encyclicals I don’t care if you’re traditional, charismatic, Jesuit or Dominican What’s important is to follow Christ I’m Catholic But I don’t live in Versailles I live in… Read More »


What’s up YouTube people and welcome to another episode of people of color in Poland. I’m sure that’s the name now. So today we have Ebby! Ebby. Ebby, where are you from? I’m from Nigeria, yeah. Born in — State. Right 042, shout out to 042. I haven’t heard a good area code shout out… Read More »

bEZ sLOGANU2 (214) Cierpienie katolikow/ (Eng subtitles) Suffering of the Catholics

Peace and good! I remember we once talked about unbelievers and their system of values. Then the argument was that the life of unbelievers is better and now the comparison of these two worlds has come back in a new question. The question was: Why do usually good people suffer? Someone described a situation when… Read More »

Body Issue Controversy?

Agnieszka Radwanska is the number four women’s tennis player in the world and now we review the ESPN Body Issue she was featured in it and now she is catching 8 tonnage shipped from ahh the Catholic youth group that she was once involved and we have a few pictures courtesy of ESPN let’s see… Read More »