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The Internationalist Commune Of Rojava: Building An Ecological Society

LBW: As is mentioned in the book the capitalist mode of production when it comes to agriculture is really just based on kind of a you know it’s a growth model it’s like how can we maximize agricultural production how can we push that as far as possible and it doesn’t take into account the… Read More »

Chicago Activist Breaks Windows At Nail Salon

Hey good afternoon this is the star report aka the gun show bang bang alright thank you for stopping by I feel refreshed recharged and I want to talk to you about a few things this afternoon thank you for the emails this morning bright and early with regards to the yet another situation in… Read More »

An interview With Dr. Patrick Soon-Shiong | A San Diego Union-Tribune Podcast

following two months of discussion and debate the sale of the San Diego union-tribune and the Los Angeles Times to billionaire dr. Patrick soon-jong is expected to close on Monday April 16th the 500 million dollar sale follows years of conflict between the Los Angeles Times and its former parent company trunk that paper saw… Read More »


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Great Ideas from Sikhi (Sikhism) • What can we learn from this Young Religion From India & Pakistan?

How’s it going everyone? I’m Nick and you are listening to the Fresh Perspective Podcast. Welcome to all of our new subscribers and listeners! Our episodes on science and logic really draw a crowd! It’s true that the freethinkers of our organization value education and maintaining a firm grip on reality. Another thing we promote… Read More »


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