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I we get in the way to go and another to trip to seaport village, seaport village and we go with mom this time but I will not record the hum of the periods but not other them because my mom don’t want to be and camera okay you are we to IM back same… Read More »

Driving to Serve: Planned Parenthood’s doors are always open

Imperial County has the 3rd largest teen birth rates in the state of California. One of the issues in Imperial County is that we do have a shortage of providers. So in order to provide services in Imperial County at our Planned Parenthood clinic, we actually have clinicians commuting from different counties. Having Planned Parenthood… Read More »

Te Ūnga Waka Marae holds Christmas Eve mass

A mass service to commemorate the birth of Christ celebrated by the Maori Catholic community of Auckland. This custom has been going on for a long time throughout the world, even here in NZ for Christians, the ones who believe in the Catholic teachings and the teachings of Christ. Te Unga Waka Marae was opened… Read More »