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Catholicism vs Nazarene Israel

Welcome to Nazarene Israel. My name is Norman Willis, and I’m the apostle for the restoration of the original first century faith. And sometimes we get questions from Catholics as to why we call ourselves the original first century faith when Catholicism also claims to be the original first century faith. So, we have no… Read More »

India / Orissa: “They will never give in…”

Sister Kiran and Sister Sarojini get ready for another long day of work. They belong to the religious order of the Society of Jesus, Mary and Joseph. Nothing can disturb them during their morning prayer – not even the lingering smell of smoke – a grim reminder of August of 2008. Back then this Catholic… Read More »

Rescuing Ex-Muslims: Leaving Islam

if a person changes his religion from Islam to any other religion the punishment should be death I was attacked from nowhere I didn’t see it coming I knew I had to get out or that was it what do you think your brother will do if they found out you and aces killing me… Read More »

The situation of Catholics in China

Welcome to Aid to the Church In Need’s Where God Weeps – a weekly program dedicated to the situation of the suffering Church around the world. China has an estimated twelve million Catholics. Four million in the Patriotic Church and roughly eight million underground. The government tried to separate the Chinese Church from Holy See.… Read More »

China Rewrites the Bible?! 10 Ways China is Targeting Christians and Catholics

China could soon have more Christians than any other country. But not if the Communist Party can help it. China’s war on Christianity continues. Welcome to China Uncensored. I’m Chris Chappell. Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel for the latest China news, and click the notification bell so you get an alert when… Read More »