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Early Christian Schisms – Before Imperium – Extra History – #1

We are going to start this off in a way that we’ve never started off an Extra History before; with a disclaimer. These next few episodes are designed to help modern students get a handle on one of the most confusing and yet most important parts of Roman history. The topics discussed in these episodes… Read More »

Catholics Should be ASHAMED of Rick Santorum

catholics should be ashamed of rick santorum uh… for it will really have per number of reasons but specifically catholics because you reject countless catholic teachings on what people don’t even know that rick santorum is catholic they assume because of his evangelical appeal he must be an evangelical christian of some denomination but he… Read More »

Why Protestant Doctrine Is Manmade

We–now, be careful Andre–we go to Andre, who is traveling on highway 55 heading towards St. Louis. He’s listening on 94.7 FM. Andre, drive carefully; you are on with Tim Staples. Hey guys, thanks so much for taking the call, and let me first begin by saying how much I appreciate the Catholic Church. I… Read More »

Overview: 1 Corinthians

Paul’s first letter to the Corinthians was written to a church community that Paul knew really well. Corinth was a major port city in the ancient world and had lots of temples to Greek and Roman gods. It was a big economic center and so Paul strategically came here as a missionary. He spent a… Read More »

Did the Catholic Church “Change the Sabbath”?

X X X X X X X X X X X You sometimes encounter the charge that the Catholic Church wrongly “changed the sabbath” from Saturday to Sunday. This claim is often made by Seventh-Day Adventists, for example. But even if one isn’t accusing the Church of wrongdoing, the question can still arise: Why do… Read More »