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What Does Catholic Healthcare Look Like?

Today, one in every six patients in the U.S. receives care at a Catholic hospital. More and more hospitals across the country are affiliated with the Catholic health system, but patients don’t always know what that means. Well, most of the hospitals are nonprofit corporations, so they benefit from public funding, like state and federal… Read More »

SOCCI Volunteer Jasmin | Cedars-Sinai

In 1999, I was diagnosed with fourth stage mediastinal lymphoma. It was a very scary time in my life and I was treated here at Cedars. Thanks to Dr. Wolin, I’m standing here today. If it wasn’t for him, I would definitely not have made it. I had just gotten into remission when I was… Read More »

What Is The Catholic Position On Physician Assisted Suicide?

Let’s see if we can get Kelsey in Colorado in before we go. Kelsey you are on with Jimmy Akin, what is your…well, let me see…maybe not…oh okay, sorry, go ahead, Kelsey, sorry. Hi, I’m doing a research paper on the growing culture of death. I’d like to know what the Catholic position is on… Read More »

Catholic Medical Center – Primary Care

♪ I needed to find a place where I felt that I could give the care to my patients that they deserved, and that drew us to CMC. CMC has a total of ten primary care offices. The strength of the practices being part of the hospital is that you have the advantage that we… Read More »

Catholic Medical Center – Overview

♪ Catholic Medical Center is a place where our mission is about health, hope, and healing. We have had Catholic healthcare in Manchester for over 100 years and that mission and patient-centeredness has lasted for decades. We have many specialties, over 500 physicians; we have over 2,000 employees all working together to provide the best… Read More »

Is Your Nearest Hospital a Catholic Institution?

Is your nearest hospital a Catholic institution? If you live in Alaska, Iowa, Washington, Wisconsin or South Dakota, there’s a good chance it is. More than 40% of acute care beds in those five states are Catholic owned or affiliated, according to MergerWatch, an organization that tracks hospital mergers. It’s a growing trend all over… Read More »