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Sri Lanka Safari – Yala National Park – Leopards, Elephants, Bears and More!

Well it’s an exciting day here today in Sri Lanka We’re heading out on safari at yala national park Looking for some leopards and some elephants part of the fun is looking for leopards. Yeah I don’t see anything I can see it There in the Tree Is he in the tree? It’s behind the… Read More »

Seneca Village: The African-American Community that Died so Central Park Could Live

Central Park was one of Manhattan’s earliest African-American settlements. In the 1820’s it was unusual for black people to own land in New York. In 1825, 21 parcels of land in uptown Manhattan were sold to African-Americans. When slavery was abolished in New York in 1827 the area began to flourish. Known as Seneca Village… Read More »

Fitness, community service intersect in local initiative to keep parks clean

it’s a new week new view and with Easter coming up families around San Antonio will be visiting local parks to celebrate it’s one of the reasons the city is reminding people about the importance of keeping our parks clean they’re doing it with the help of volunteers who are coming together to sweat and… Read More »

CATHOLIC REACTS TO The Christian Azan VS The Muslim Azan – Very Emotional!!!

We talk family walking back to the gentleman it’s a boy mr. With twat and today to think I could get into this video Hepinizin Anasını Sikeyim!! The Christian as in versus the Muslim and what is what is this about? Why are we doing versus what’s my family? Why I got suggesting let’s do… Read More »

Bristol: NCS Social Action Project

This is the Dings Park, it’s all big and messy and has loads of thorns and stinging nettles. What we’re trying to do is basically rebuild it back to it’s natural form.. To renovate, design and create a community garden within a part of Bristol called the Dings. We felt it was a really useful… Read More »

Sarah’s Manhattan College Story

>>Sarah: Hi are you Kelsey?>>Yeah >>Sarah: I’m Sarah with the Quadrangle newspaper. >>Hi. How are you?>>Sarah: I’m great. What are you working on here?>>Actually, I’m working on my summer research project, which is testing different knee braces.>>Sarah: Oh cool. I wear one of these when I bounce here at the Manhattan College Green Club to… Read More »