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The Rainbow Village | Indonesia Discoveries | World Nomads

– [Jo Voiceover] Today on Discoveries Indonesia, we’re going to explore one of the hidden gems of Semarang. And I’ll learn the inspiring story of a community who by picking up a paint brush transformed their village into a vibrant landmark. (tribal music) Welcome to the Rainbow Village. (lighthearted music) – We were in a… Read More »

Under van Eyck’s Arnolfini Portrait | National Gallery

In the 20th century it was discovered that if you use infrared technology, wavelengths of light slightly longer than normal light, you can see through the paint and magically reveal the drawings that are underneath. This kind of drawing we refer to as underdrawing. It’s never supposed to be seen in the final version of… Read More »

IUP Students Go “Into the Streets” For Community Service

So into the streets day is a day where university students at IUP get involved within the Indiana community and they go out and they do different service projects, such as landscaping, painting, and you know picking up garbage and really whatever needs done in the community or those who reach out. I wrote a… Read More »