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5 Misconceptions About the Orthodox Church

One misconception that a lot of people have about the Orthodox Church is that it is only for certain kinds of people: Only for Greeks, only for Russians, etc. The truth is: everyone belongs in the Orthodox Church. We want everyone to check us out and to become part of our communities. We have a… Read More »

“God’s Word vs. Vain Tradition” (Orthodox & Roman Catholic Church Exposed)

The title of the sermon tonight is “God’s Word versus Vain Tradition.” God’s word versus vain tradition. In this passage, Jesus Christ is confronting the Jews and some of their traditions, things that they had added to the word of God, things that are nowhere to be found in the Old Testament and that in… Read More »

5 Differences Between the Roman Catholic Church and the Eastern Orthodox Church

probably the biggest and [most] obvious difference between the orthodox church and the Roman Catholic church is that the orthodox church doesn’t have a pope figure, so for Roman Catholics the Pope is [not] only Supreme that is to say he has immediate jurisdiction in every church in the whole world [but] he is also… Read More »