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Born in the Wrong Body | The Oprah Winfrey Show | Oprah Winfrey Network

[MUSIC] OPRAH WINFREY: Today, all-new. What would you do if your 7-year-old daughter said, mom, I should be a boy. Facing the world transgender. Next. WINFREY: I think this is gonna be a very fascinating show for you, because, you know, the reason why I continue to do television, ’cause I had enough shoes about… Read More »

Pema Chödrön | SuperSoul Sunday | Oprah Winfrey Network

[SOOTHING MUSIC] OPRAH WINFREY: Today on “Super Soul Sunday,” for over 35 years, she’s inspired millions around the world with her teachings on love, kindness, and compassion– prolific author, Buddhist nun, and a pioneer of the mindfulness movement, Pema Chodron. We’re interconnected at such a vast level because what we’re saying, and doing, and stuff,… Read More »

John Declares His Celibacy to the Singles | Ready to Love | Oprah Winfrey Network

– Sex is important in a relationship. Damn right. For me, it’s the difference between us making it and us not. DARIN: So you’re saying all you care about is sex? – No, no, no. – You’re not listening. It’s important. That’s what you just said, though. No, that’s not what I said. Sorry, y’all.… Read More »

Meet Zach Sobiech | My Last Days

Reporter: Zach can’t stop writing lyrics, there are so many songs he wants to leave behind with only months to live. His song called “Clouds” was born. [“Clouds”] Zach: Like every teenager out there feels invincible and they’ll never admit it and it’s not the kind of invincible like Superman, it’s the kind of invincible… Read More »

Meet Christopher, focus on the good | My Last Days

-I was a football player, or soccer. I started when I was around 4 years old, and I played quite seriously in my early teens, and I made the regional in Namibia. While at university, almost every day, I’d run over and just play five-a-side in this net. I started feeling a little uncomfortable at… Read More »

Love, Service, and Living Your Truth with Danielle LaPorte

– Hey everybody what’s up! It’s Chase, welcome to another episode of the Chase Jarvis Live Show here on Creative Live. You all know this show or I hope you do by now. This is a show where I sit down with amazing humans and I do everything I can to unpack their brains with… Read More »

The Connection Between Your Uniqueness and Your Calling | SuperSoul Sunday | Oprah Winfrey Network

OPRAH: Do you believe that every person who comes into the world has a calling? BROTHER DAVID: Absolutely. But it’s difficult to become aware. I think everybody has a calling — I think of life as the great mystery that we confront as human beings. Life — OPRAH: And great mystery is another word you… Read More »

Melinda Gates Reveals What Keeps Her Grounded Despite Her Wealth | SuperSoul Sunday | OWN

So I just was curious as to how you get to be you, sitting in the greatest wealth on Earth, and not be confused by money’s measures and merit. Well, I think it probably comes from the fact that I grew up in a very middle class family in Dallas, Texas. And we were working… Read More »

The Themes Explored in “David Makes Man” | David Makes Man | Oprah Winfrey Network

– So you’re exploring some really rich themes with this series. What can people expect? I mean, when I say it’s poetry, I think people have to be trained in a different way of listening and receiving it. Because it’s like, to me, reading poetry, now you’re only seeing it. So you know you have… Read More »

Meet Juli, always a door open for hope | My Last Days

-I love a lot of people — a lot of my friends, of course my family — but my kids always come first. When you have a child, when that baby comes out, you automatically just love that child. I mean, it just fills your heart up, and it makes you unbelievably happy. That’s why… Read More »