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Top 10 Strange Facts About The Nuns!

10 Things You Didn’t Know About The Life Of Nuns Hey people, have you watched the movie, The Nun? The sinister sister from The Conjuring 2 was so chilling, she’s back with her very own spin-off prequel in the name of The Nun. A medieval demon appears in the form of a nun, haunts an… Read More »

How a culture of secrecy covered up the abuse of nuns in the Catholic Church

AMNA NAWAZ: Pope Francis broke his silence on Wednesday, acknowledging for the first time that clergymen have sexually abused nuns. John Yang has more on the story JOHN YANG: Amna, for decades, the persistent allegations of sexual abuse of nuns and religious women by Roman Catholic priests and bishops have been overshadowed by other scandals… Read More »

Vatican Rebuke: Are U.S. Nuns Promoting ‘Radical Feminist Themes?’

bjbjLULU JUDY WOODRUFF: Now, a new report from the Vatican criticizes the largest group of Catholic nuns in the United States. The assessment of the Leadership Conference of Women Religious comes from the Vatican’s Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. It says the group of sisters promoted — quote — “radical feminist themes incompatible… Read More »

Entering the Convent at Age 23

(playful music) (laughs) – St. Teresa of Calcutta has this wonderful quote, “The Lord doesn’t ask for success, He asks for fidelity.” The world tells us to be successful is to be rich, powerful or in the limelight, but with the Lord, success is measured in a different way. (laughter) It’s just, if we love… Read More »

Secrecy and Celibacy: The Catholic Church and Sexual Abuse (a History Talk podcast)

Eric Michael Rhodes: Welcome to History Talk, we’re the podcast that brings together experts to discuss current events and historical perspective. My name is Eric Michael Rhodes and I’m here with my co host, Lauren Henry. Lauren Henry: Hi, Eric. Over the last two decades, the Catholic Church has been buffeted by a series of… Read More »

Catholic Religious Life Dictionary

religious life as a language all its own here’s a guide to understanding terms you might hear as you explore a vocation as a Catholic sister brother or priest apostolic religious communities are engaged in active ministries teaching parish life health care justice service to the poor and many others charism from the Greek word… Read More »