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Why I Became A Catholic Sister | Catholic Extension

I decided to be a nun for two things: One, because my sister told me that there is something else in life… There is something more interesting like eternal life. And the other thing that I thought that if someday I will be in God’s presence He won’t ask me how much money I have,… Read More »

6 Unusual Benefits to Volunteering | #Volunteer

Volunteering makes a huge impact in the community! Volunteers are out there building houses, cleaning waterways, mentoring kids – they’re doing so much for causes that really need the help! But did you know that volunteering also has some pretty cool and some unusual benefits to the people doing it? That is the subject of… Read More »

Service Learning at The Samaritan Women | Howard Community College (HCC)

Service learning is a powerful teaching strategy. And for HCC alumna Meghan Ross, service learning was an opportunity to find her passion. I heard about Samaritan woman when I was a junior in high school and I went back to my school and decided that, that was the issue that broke my heart and I… Read More »

What are the key challenges you face working in this sector?

Learning Service: Being a Valuable Volunteer

Bring a positive attitude – it is contagious! Often the best thing you can bring with you as a volunteer is a positive ‘can-do’ attitude and a willingness to get stuck-in Photocopying? I am on it!!! Make sure you and your organization have the same expectations. If you have very different ideas about what your… Read More »

Missionary Sisters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary | Catholic Extension |

– [Narrator] Three very special sisters were presented with the Lumen Christi Award in 2014 for their work in helping poor families pull together to build a community center, a medical facility and a parish in a colonia near McAllen, Texas at our border with Mexico. – This may be, on the map, as America,… Read More »

Philanthropy and Service-Learning: Why do they matter?

[Music] [What do you think Philanthropy is?] [Isn’t that stamp collecting? It’s a type of pastry! Isn’t it a theory about life?]>>Philanthropy – it’s a pretty big word and an important one, too. It comes from the Greek “filo” which means friend, and if you translate it directly, it is “love of mankind” or “caring… Read More »

What Does Catholic Healthcare Look Like?

Today, one in every six patients in the U.S. receives care at a Catholic hospital. More and more hospitals across the country are affiliated with the Catholic health system, but patients don’t always know what that means. Well, most of the hospitals are nonprofit corporations, so they benefit from public funding, like state and federal… Read More »