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Trust God – Inspirational & Motivational Video

Trust God Two single-syllable words That you have heard forever, but you will discover as time passes how difficult they are To obey Trust God Of course I have no way of knowing what the future holds for you You may lose your home and everything in a fire You may lose your spouse to… Read More »

Start Each Day With God – Morning Inspiration to Motivate Your Day

Whenever you start your day, you need to start it with God And you need to do some things on purpose you need to make a decision This is the day the Lord has made. I will enjoy this day Make an announcement to the devil who is the joy thief. I will enjoy this… Read More »

Make An Impact – Inspirational Video

one we’re laying on our deathbed you’re not going to worry about how much money you had how much power you had how much prestige you’re going to see that that was all game that that was all an illusion the only things going to matter is the impact you had on other people’s lives… Read More »

Be The Change – Inspirational Video

Some things is gonna happen when you look out and see what can I contribute what can I give.. I guarantee you ladies and gentlemen you are gonna have a voice that saying It’s just no uses, it’s out of our control now There will be a voice telling you that: ‘You will be wasting… Read More »