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Catholic Kids Homilies – Fighting for Good! – Ordinary Time 29C

This is the 29th Sunday in Ordinary Time and today’s first reading is from the book of Exodus, when Amalek came and waged war against Israel. Why is this important? In the Old Testament, Israel is always fighting wars against its enemies. This ancient battle with Amelek is a symbol of the spiritual wars we… Read More »

Hear Me with Fire: The Life of Prophet Elijah

Mountains are mysterious, almost sacred places, where the act of climbing can be cathartic, almost mystical — the shedding of all that would hinder the ascent, the gaining of a fresh perspective with each new height, and finally a sense of the self emptying out in awe and wonder before God’s creation as heaven seems… Read More »

The Wilderness Tabernacle, Herodian Temple and the Roman Catholic Mass

After fleeing Egypt, the Hebrew people spent 40 years in the desert under the leadership of Moses. During this time, a portable sanctuary was fashioned that served as a sacred place where sacrifices were offered, and where God would meet with the Israelites. Moses was given divine instruction on how this Wilderness Tabernacle was to… Read More »

The Difference Between Sacramental and Natural Marriage

Go to Myra in Los Angeles, California, listening on I think it’s Immaculate Heart Radio, it says iHeartRadio, maybe she’s listening on iHeartRadio. Myra, you are on with Tim Staples. Hi Tim, happy Lent to you guys. Thank you. Thank you, Myra. And to you as well. Thank you. My question is: can a marriage… Read More »

The Jewish Passover Seder, The Last Supper and The Roman Catholic Mass

For millennia, the Jewish people have celebrated the Passover Seder— a biblically mandated meal that commemorates the emancipation of the ancient Israelites from Egyptian bondage. The Passover meal has many unique symbols, songs and rituals. The table is typically set with festive candles, a Kiddush cup, wine and matzo. On a special plate are symbolic… Read More »