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A Millennial’s Conversion from Catholic to Mormon

So we’re here with my roommate Jimmy. Jimmy’s also convert like I am and he has a crazy story. So for this episode we’re just gonna listen to this story. Wait, is this the one where the girl pulls a knife out of her bra? No, that happened after. You think I’m joking, that actually… Read More »

Mormons and Catholics, WORDS OF WISDOM/ RVING FAMILY

We got some very good friends here in Villa Corona Justin and Leilani and their family. Very good guys Introduce yourselves Por favor. I’m from here from Guadalajara Near Villa Corona. I’m right now living here I’m a seminarian. I hope to be a Priest in four years from now Jose, in Spanish Service and… Read More »

Do Mormons Catholics and Other Religions Enter Heaven?

It is impossible for anyone to inherit eternal life without the approval of JESUS. How you get the approval is asking HIM what you need to do. You go on your knees in prayer and you ask HIM to reveal Himself. JESUS is the True Living GOD and He manifests to those who love HIM!… Read More »

10 Things Mormons WON’T Tell You

hey everyone did you know that there’s no difference, very little difference between what Catholics believe and what Mormons believe. Some of you might be saying, I know some of you might be saying, what?? That doesn’t sound right you know. That… that’s not right! No it’s not right but that’s what Mormons will tell… Read More »