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Die Katholische Kirche ist keine gute Kraft – Christopher Hitchens – Deutsche Untertitel

if you’re going to be a serious grown-up person and appear to defend the Catholic Church in public in front of an educated and literate audience you simply have to start by making a great number of heartfelt apologies and requests for contrition and forgiveness now you might ask you’re fully entitled to ask brothers… Read More »

Catholics Call Out Boehner – Con Job

and now for our college of the day house view john bears perjuring himself that you can be in a religious values but his actions speak a little out of that his words there near terry commencement address at a cab league university and told graduates to live according to the catholic church’s teachings all… Read More »

Great Ideas from Sikhi (Sikhism) • What can we learn from this Young Religion From India & Pakistan?

How’s it going everyone? I’m Nick and you are listening to the Fresh Perspective Podcast. Welcome to all of our new subscribers and listeners! Our episodes on science and logic really draw a crowd! It’s true that the freethinkers of our organization value education and maintaining a firm grip on reality. Another thing we promote… Read More »