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Zeitgeist Addendum

“The old appeals to racial, sexual and religious chauvinism, to rabid nationalist fervor are beginning not to work.” “The business of who I am and whether I’m good or bad or achieving or not, all that’s learned along the way.” “It’s just a ride and we can change it anytime we want. It’s only a… Read More »

What Do Depression & Medications Feel Like? | Inside Intimacy

– Taking antidepressants is like more chill than taking like Flonase or like Aspirin, like honestly. – Yeah, it’s like people are so afraid of antidepressants and they fully like rip cocaine at parties. Hi, I’m Rose Surnow and I’m mentally ill, but don’t worry, I’m medicated. Today on Inside Intimacy, we talk depression. –… Read More »

Catholic Services Appeal (CSA) – 2017

♪ [Music] ♪ I won’t sit back and wait for others to help. Christ calls each of us to share our blessings. ♪ [Music] ♪ I depend on the church, but the church depends on me. I believe that we ought to be doers of the world. ♪ [Music] ♪ Well, I think the CSA… Read More »

Largest Dusting Attack in Litecoin History, Ponzi Scheme Causes Bitcoin Crash? | Cryptocurrency News

Hey, everyone, today we’ve got a multibillion-dollar Ponzi scheme, Coinbase making a whole lot of money, Binance returning to the US and the largest dusting attack in history. This is Jackson. And I’m Holly Jane. Bringing you the daily crypto news at Cointelegraph. A three billion dollar Chinese Ponzi scheme has been linked to the… Read More »

Setting Professional Boundaries: Faculty Interview, Foundations

[MUSIC PLAYING] Hi, my name is Abby Rincon. I’m an instructor at City College of San Francisco. And I’m Tim Berthold, and I’m also a teacher at City College of San Francisco. And we wanted to talk with you a little bit today about the challenges of communicating, establishing, and maintaining healthy professional boundaries. And… Read More »

Needs versus wants – GetWise | ASB

A very important money skill to learn is the difference between needs and wants. But for children that can be tricky. Put simply, a need is something you must have to survive, like food, water and a home. A want is something that’s nice to have, but you can actually live without, like an ice… Read More »


Where’s the money, Lebowski? *Glub* I want that money Lebowski! bunny says you’re good for it. Where’s the fucking money shithead?? It’s down there somewhere, let me take another look. *tramautized baby goes glub again*

What is the Catholic Financial Ecosystem?

We’ve all heard it before. Buy local. It’s a simple concept, with a big impact. But, what happens if we use that same concept to strengthen the Catholic communities we all care so much about? It all starts with understanding something called the velocity of money, or how many times money changes hands within a… Read More »

Catholic Charities of Southwestern Ohio responds to DACA decision

RATION’S DECISION TO END DACA…AND THE EFFECTS IT WILL HAVE ON 800-THOUSAND PEOPLE BROUGHT INTO THE U-S ILLEGALLY AS CHILDREN. CHILDREN.JOINING ME NOW IS THE DIRECTOR OF IMMIGRATION LEG beginning of the year, Catholic Charities has had about 200 hundred clients, and the demand is increasing. 7What does this reversal meendocumented citizens taking extra precautions?… Read More »