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Fatima Apparitions and the ‘Miracle of the Sun,’ 1915 – 1917

Among the most spectacular anomalies in modern history are the “Miracle” at Fatima, Portugal in 1917, and the preceding series of apparitional experiences. The Catholic Church declared the apparitions – which culminated in 70,000 spectators seeing the sun dance in the sky – genuine miracles, and established a cult around the visitations of the “lady… Read More »

How Do You Become A Saint?

Two famed Palestinian nuns were recently declared saints by Pope Francis in Rome. So, how does one become a saint? Manbeing a role model, renouncing material possessions and, above all, being devoted to y religions have saints, and across the board they usually show similar characteristics – like God. But Roman Catholicism in particular has… Read More »

Three Darshans of Sai Baba and His Astonishing Miracle

[music] In our family, I am the only one who would get Baba’s Darshan. The other members of our family, my husband and my children always wished for Baba’s Darshan too. It made me sad and I would tell Baba, “Only I am graced to have Your Darshan, but my husband and daughters also wish… Read More »