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Why I Became A Catholic Sister | Catholic Extension

I decided to be a nun for two things: One, because my sister told me that there is something else in life… There is something more interesting like eternal life. And the other thing that I thought that if someday I will be in God’s presence He won’t ask me how much money I have,… Read More »

A Prophetic Message to an Ungodly Nation (Jeremiah)

Now I told you a couple of weeks ago that we had finished the New Testament. It doesn’t mean I’ll never go back there again. I will. I have some plans to. But the natural assumption is that we’re going to take a look at the Old Testament. And I do have some plans for… Read More »

Missionary Sisters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary | Catholic Extension |

– [Narrator] Three very special sisters were presented with the Lumen Christi Award in 2014 for their work in helping poor families pull together to build a community center, a medical facility and a parish in a colonia near McAllen, Texas at our border with Mexico. – This may be, on the map, as America,… Read More »

Strange Fire Q&A: Answering the Critics (Selected Scriptures)

PHIL: It turns out that some of our Charismatic friends and brothers are not happy with you and… JOHN: This is true. PHIL: They’ve been writing a flood of criticisms and complaints and questions about the conference and your book and I’ve collected some of those and I want to ask them to you tonight.… Read More »

She learned to pray

Hi! My name is Brittany, I am a second year FOCUS missionary here at James Madison. What I do and what FOCUS does is we are here on campus with the students to walk with them in their day-to-day in their daily lives, to help them with prayer, to encourage them to read Scripture, to… Read More »

Father Enrique Herrera – Part 2 | Catholic Extension

– The 2017-18 Catholic Extension Lumen Christi Award recognized, celebrated, and provided continued financial support for the accomplishments of Father Enrique Herrera. The son of migrant workers who traveled from Mexico to work the farms of the Salinas Valley in California, Father Enrique has worked with local families, school leaders, and city officials to build… Read More »