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I Still Don’t Think Slavery Has Been Lifted 02

history all of them how they came in the way when they became freakin can you talk this is slower read it’s more breathable okay I can say what I know off the top of my head a lot of in terms of my family a lot of slaves were brought from the western coast… Read More »

How Did I Recognized Islam? | Dr.Jerald Dirks Life Story 03

contributions oh sure for the first one the Western world gives latinized names to many of these Muslim scholars they talk about them in the history books but they give them Latin Knights names and they’re never it’s never mentioned that they’re Muslims so even Cena is known in the West as a vicina it’d… Read More »

American Debra L. Dirks Why I Became Muslim? 01

American Debra L. Dirks Why I Became Muslim? 02

How Did I Recognized Islam? | Dr.Jerald Dirks Life Story 01

hey my name is dr. Gerald Dirk’s and I’m from the state of Kansas in the United States as far as my biography goes I’m the oldest of two children raised and born and raised in the state of Kansas as far as my education I have a bachelor’s degree from Harvard College Harvard University… Read More »

How Did I Recognized Islam? | Dr. Gerald Derges Life Story 02

Why Did I Choose Islam? Jeffrey 08

the Brotherhood in Islam is something that’s different than any other kind of Brotherhood the friendships or anything because in Islam you’re truly brothers in faith you know with a Muslim brother that fears Allah there’s a trust that you don’t have often with other people because you know it’s not only that he’s doing… Read More »

After Bringing Shahada I Experienced The Difficulties of Many Converts 03

so sister but you know what this this makes me it’s appointed after Americans they know what they leave we take tragic and they leave this but then they they continue as a Christian I mean why because interest reaction normally another nation nation makes – but my wife to make reaction that why they… Read More »

Muslims Need To Know That True Honor Is In Islam 05

I think that the Islamic world in Muslim countries I think that some of the biggest issues that we face right now would probably be both several issues I think especially in the West I think that our our tendency to make concessions for everything to sort of apologize for being Muslim and to sort… Read More »

Islam Attracts People Wherever They Are | Why I Became Muslim? Kendrijana 01

my name is Kendra Anna Washington I was born in Oklahoma my mother had me when she was young she was really active in the church when she was young as well so Christianity was always a really big part of our lives yes I know my father he helped to raise me for basically… Read More »