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Jersey City mayor attributes deadly shootout to anti-Semitism

JUDY WOODRUFF: A day after a shoot-out with police left six people dead in Northern New Jersey, law enforcement officials say they are still trying to work out just what happened and why. As John Yang reports, among the considerations is whether anti-Semitism motivated the shooters. JOHN YANG: Today, New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy sought… Read More »

Gun Nation

(boom) – [Narrator] That image was quite controversial to a lot of people. Some people saw it as irresponsible. Some people saw it as dangerous, threatening. Whereas other people, including you, saw it as a symbol of something very different. What was it to you? – Powerful. Protecting. That it’s my freedom. – [Narrator] But… Read More »

PBS NewsHour full episode August 8, 2019

NICK SCHIFRIN: Good evening. I’m Nick Schifrin. Judy Woodruff is away. On the “NewsHour” tonight: a dire warning from the United Nations. Climate change threatens a food and water crisis around the world. Then: a massive raid. Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers arrest more than 600 undocumented migrants at food processing plants across Mississippi. Plus:… Read More »