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What is the Assumption of Mary?

Welcome to “Frequently Asked Questions about the Catholic Faith”. In this episode, our question is, “What is the Feast of the Assumption of Mary, the Blessed Mother?” The Feast of the Assumption is the Catholic belief that the Blessed Mother, the mother of Jesus, was assumed or taken up into Heaven body and soul. Her… Read More »

What can St. Paul teach us about Evangelization?

Today we shall continue with our theme of strategies of evangelization From the acts of the apostles where again we encounter another clever tactic employed by St. Paul To find an opening where he can proclaim the gospel we find that today he makes friends with the two Jews who had returned from Italy and… Read More »

Every Roman Catholic Must See This!

First of all I always like to tell folk I’m not giving this testimony because I have any ill feeling in my heart toward the Roman Catholic people. I couldn’t be a Christian if I still had bitterness in my heart. God delivered me from all bitterness and strife and delivered me out of all… Read More »

To Faithful Catholics (Nov. 13-19, 2014)

TO FAITHFUL CATHOLICS 6 Locutions to the World from Nov. 13-19, 2014 The 1st Locution from Mary on Nov. 13 Overcoming the Darkness These events will come forth because human history moves on, bringing forth what has been imbedded in its past.  I have tried to describe those forces that have been placed in the… Read More »

The Rosary | Catholic Central

(background chatter) (metal detector beeping) SECURITY LIBBY: Sir, I’m gonna need to search you. You have something with a suspicious shape in your pocket. PASSENGER KAI: Oh, you mean my weapon. SECURITY LIBBY: Whoa! slowly sir! KAI: No, no, no it’s a spiritual weapon. (upbeat guitar and piano music) LIBBY: Hi! I’m Libby. KAI: And… Read More »

Has the Roman Catholic Church stepped over the line in defining how Mary mediates?

>>Dr. John Ankerberg:Let me ask you, do you think that Catholicism has stepped over the line in defining how Mary mediates, and it cannot be justified by saying other Christians are asked to proclaim the gospel and pray for their friends? Her role of mediation is completely different than ours? If there is any doubt… Read More »

Why Do We Need Mary?

Karen in Dallas, Texas, listening on Guadalupe Radio. It’s open forum on Catholic Answers Live and Tim staples is taking your questions. Karen, what is your question for Tim? Hi, I have a question about the Glorious Mysteries; we end it with the Assumption and the Coronation of Mary. And so I was wondering, why… Read More »

Why do Catholics call Mary “the Mother of God”? In what sense is Mary “full of grace”?

>>Dr. John Ankerberg:why did these new ideas about Mary develop? What is the reasoning behind these new views? Let’s examine the first one: “Mary is the Mother of God.” Every Catholic knows that at the heart of Catholic liturgy is the “Ave Maria” or the so-called “Hail, Mary.” Even if you’re not Catholic, you’re probably… Read More »

Why Do Catholics Worship Mary? — Google’s Most-Searched Catholic Questions Ep. 1

Hi! I’m Patrick Ginty, and welcome to Catholic NC TV, in this installation of Google’s Most Searched Questions: Catholic Edition. In this episode, we’re going to be looking at the #1 and the #6 most asked questions about Catholics on Google. They are “Why do Catholics pray to Mary?”, and, “Why do Catholics worship Mary?”… Read More »

Mary | Catholic Central

(upbeat music) LIBBY: Please let the show go well today — KAI: Hey, Libby. LIBBY: Bless our crew and our director — KAI: Oh sorry, didn’t mean to interrupt. LIBBY: And our viewers, and please let Kai be prepared today — KAI: I’m always prepared. LIBBY: Through the intercession of Our Lady, amen. KAI: Oh… Read More »