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Catholic Church Sex Scandal Intensifies

right so as promised uh… catholic church well tell they’re fucking everything under the sun them now of course there was the disastrous child sex scandal which is like oh my god oakridge implausible and they convert it up so tremendously to how can how can one do that and sleep at night i think… Read More »

São Paulo: South America’s MEGACITY

The dramatic cliffs and endless beaches of Rio de Janeiro makes it the city that probably first comes to mind when you think of Brazil. São Paulo, the largest metropolis in the southern hemisphere, is the true economic engine of the world’s sixth most populous country. In 1554, Catholic missionaries with the help of indigenous… Read More »

Poll: Catholics Don’t Like… Catholicism

catholics don’t agree with their religion padala according to knew paul from i believe c_b_s_ new york times sixty-two percent of catholics favor same sex marriage seventy-nine percent favor the use of artificial methods of birth control ninety one percent believe the next pope should favor using condoms to prevent the spread of h_i_v_ other… Read More »