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2018 Annual Catholic Appeal Diocese of Trenton

More than 1,600 years ago, St. Augustine of Hippo preached a homily on the first letter of John, and asked a very powerful question: What does love look like? Hello I am Bishop David O’Connell and I would like to suggest an answer to that question by looking at the love your extraordinary generosity can… Read More »

After Bringing Shahada I Experienced The Difficulties of Many Converts 03

so sister but you know what this this makes me it’s appointed after Americans they know what they leave we take tragic and they leave this but then they they continue as a Christian I mean why because interest reaction normally another nation nation makes – but my wife to make reaction that why they… Read More »

We’re So Down For Their Candid Talk About Asexuality | Tell My Story, Blind Date

Muslims Need To Know That True Honor Is In Islam 05

I think that the Islamic world in Muslim countries I think that some of the biggest issues that we face right now would probably be both several issues I think especially in the West I think that our our tendency to make concessions for everything to sort of apologize for being Muslim and to sort… Read More »

Islam Attracts People Wherever They Are | Why I Became Muslim? Kendrijana 01

my name is Kendra Anna Washington I was born in Oklahoma my mother had me when she was young she was really active in the church when she was young as well so Christianity was always a really big part of our lives yes I know my father he helped to raise me for basically… Read More »

I Will Celebrate – Liwanag’s Music Min. [Et Twenty-Thirteen]

I will celebrate Sing unto the Lord Sing to the Lord a new song I will celebrate Sing unto the Lord Sing to the Lord a new song With my heart rejoicing within With my mind focused on Him With my hands raised to the heavens All I am worshiping Him I will celebrate Sing… Read More »

Why I Became A Muslim? MOHAMMED Daniel 02

how you become a Muslim how did you meet the Muslim what was the things wish in Florence you to become a Muslim I become a Muslim we went to our argument because I as I said in my previous answer I was an assistant pastor I helped in the church and we went for… Read More »

Corporal Works of Mercy | Catholic Central

WHINY KAI: (sighs) The reception here is so bad I can’t even livestream these videos of baby goats. DOWN-ON-HER-LUCK-LIBBY Oh I know, so inconvenient, right? Millennials. (cat screeching) (upbeat music) LIBBY: Welcome to Catholic Central, I’m Libby. KAI: And I’m Kai. Today we’re talking about the corporal works of mercy. LIBBY: Corporal comes from the… Read More »

Love & Marriage after Spinal Cord Injury

[ Silence ]>>Hello and welcome to the Spinal Cord Injury Forum. My name Jeanne Hoffman and I’m a rehabilitation psychologist and co-director of the Northwest Regional Spinal Cord Injury System here at the University of Washington. The forums, the video recordings and all of our online media content are made possible by grant from the… Read More »

The Scourge Of The Catholic Faith – Homily by Archbishop William Goh (17 Oct 2019)

Many of our Catholics, unfortunately, they are nominal Catholics. Because for most Catholics, somehow it is always in the mind of our Catholics, that salvation is by good works. Salvation is through the laws. Most Catholics are over-scrupulous about the laws of the Church, the laws in the Bible. And so at the back of… Read More »