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Being Gay in Scotland: 1 Day in Edinburgh 🏳️‍🌈🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 | Travel Vlog

hello beautiful people I am coming to you live from Edinburgh this gorgeous wonderful city so the thing about Scotland is gay marriage is actually only been legal since 2014 which is a little bit unfortunate in my books but saying that Scotland actually has quite a lot of LGBTQ+ members of parliament so they… Read More »

Bill Burr – Going to Church

I never go to church, man. I got to be honest, I hate church. Always couldn’t stand it when I was growing up. Yeah, there’s a couple of other people going to hell with me. Yeah, there you go. (applause) You know what it is, I grew up Catholic. I used to sit there in… Read More »

Jenny Slate Loves Midnight Mass | Netflix Is A Joke

– But I recently went to a midnight Catholic mass. First of all, midnight, way to go. (audience laughs) Jewish people are like, “It’s sundown. “You better stay inside.” (audience laughs) “Be careful!” Went to this midnight mass. Walked into the church, which first of all to me, was like a miracle. I thought that… Read More »

Defeasible Reasoning | Defeasible Reminiscing

(mellow, funky piano music)>>[Andrew Rozema] All right, you ready for this?>>[Noah DeSmit] Ready.>>[Andrew] All right, hello and welcome, internet friends, to another episode of “Defeasible Reasoning.” It’s a deep dead mouse comin’ for all you hip cats out there. Produced once again here at the epic studios at Grand Rapids Community College Center for Cybersecurity… Read More »

Catholic React To The Christian Azan VS The Muslim Azan

hi everyone welcome back to my channel so today we are gonna be reacting to this video that you guys been suggesting not a lot of you actually a few of you been suggesting me to react to this so why not first of all on them first of all when I saw that I… Read More »

Helping the community while completing a traineeship

So I’m Madie I’m a trainee at Gforce and I’m doing a Certificate III in Community Services and completing my placement at Headspace Geelong. Well I didn’t actually start off in Community Services I was doing my Certificate III in Allied Health and then I hoped to go into a traineeship in that however, the… Read More »

[There Is] None Like You – Liwanag Choir

There is none like You No one else can touch my heart like You do I can search for all eternity, Lord And find there is none like You There is none like You No one else can touch my heart like You do I can search for all eternity, Lord And find there is… Read More »

Football Community Service 12-14-18

what was this experience like like being able to read the kids and be kind of an inspiration for them yeah I think what makes it I was like maybe walking in there like their faces brighten up but stuff like that now you just do the same thing in high school with the kids… Read More »