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ONE NATION. ONE TEAM. 23 Stories: Rose Lavelle

I’m Rose Lavelle and this is my story. The first select club team I played for I feel like I got really lucky because I had this little English trainer. His name is Neil Bradford. He pushed me but it was just fun I always went to practice and enjoyed it and then he’d give… Read More »

Meet the All-Muslim Girls Team Getting Buckets and Turning Heads | B/Real

♪♪♪ Upbeat synth horns ♪♪♪ – [Kassidi Macak:] I think this team’s legacy is huge. The Muslim girls basketball team that’s dominating. They’re proud of their faith, and they want it a part of their story. A lot of those girls probably don’t think that they are representing something bigger than themselves. They’re high school… Read More »

The Internationalist Commune Of Rojava: Building An Ecological Society

LBW: As is mentioned in the book the capitalist mode of production when it comes to agriculture is really just based on kind of a you know it’s a growth model it’s like how can we maximize agricultural production how can we push that as far as possible and it doesn’t take into account the… Read More »

FAITH CRISIS 🙏 Experiencing a Faith Crisis Alone and Pregnant (Post Mormon) Lindy Johnson

alright hi Lindy hi how are you me here thank you I’m so happy to have you and to hear more of your story because I actually don’t know a whole lot surprised you know how cuz we’ve hung out a lot and I don’t think I’ve got like all the details so how you… Read More »

USC VILLAGE APARTMENT TOUR 2017 | College Dorm Room Tour

Hey, everyone its Ashlee and today. I’m going to giving you guys basically a college dorm tour but I’m living as the dorm tour before I move n for all of my fellow Trojans or prospective all Trojans that kind of want to see what the village looks like I’d almost have to be in… Read More »

Being Gay in Scotland: 1 Day in Edinburgh 🏳️‍🌈🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 | Travel Vlog

hello beautiful people I am coming to you live from Edinburgh this gorgeous wonderful city so the thing about Scotland is gay marriage is actually only been legal since 2014 which is a little bit unfortunate in my books but saying that Scotland actually has quite a lot of LGBTQ+ members of parliament so they… Read More »

Bill Burr – Going to Church

I never go to church, man. I got to be honest, I hate church. Always couldn’t stand it when I was growing up. Yeah, there’s a couple of other people going to hell with me. Yeah, there you go. (applause) You know what it is, I grew up Catholic. I used to sit there in… Read More »

Jenny Slate Loves Midnight Mass | Netflix Is A Joke

– But I recently went to a midnight Catholic mass. First of all, midnight, way to go. (audience laughs) Jewish people are like, “It’s sundown. “You better stay inside.” (audience laughs) “Be careful!” Went to this midnight mass. Walked into the church, which first of all to me, was like a miracle. I thought that… Read More »