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Raider Nation: Football’s Most Passionate Fanbase | Americano Episode 1

HIV Crisis on the Texas-Mexico Border

let’s go back to the day that you found out what’s the first thing that went through your mind am I gonna die I I really thought I was gonna die growing up no one ever mentioned HIV to me like it wasn’t in the schools it wasn’t the conversation held at home like I… Read More »

Neighborhood Closeup: VivaCity

– [Narrator] This week on The Handle.In the second of a three part serieson the city’s in-depth neighborhood plans,learn about the past andfuture of Amarillo’s Barrio,and get an exclusive tour of Llano Cemetery.Plus, get bitten by the retro gaming bug.All of this right now on Panhandle PBS,as we tell the stories of the Texas panhandle.–… Read More »

What one Catholic school in East L.A. is doing to serve its Latino students.

Today, only about 2% of Latino children in the United States are able to attend Catholic Schools. I’m Antonio de Loera-Brust with America Media. We’re here East Los Angeles, at Dolores Mission School. Nationwide, Latino’s are severely under-represented in Catholic education. But, here at Dolores Mission school, the story is different. This Jesuit run school… Read More »

Women Try Their Old Catholic School Uniforms

– This might just ruin everybody’s fantasy about catholic school girls. This is the truth. (organ music) I graduated from St. Brendan High School in Miami, Florida. – I went to Bishop Conaty Our Lady of Loretto High School. Go wildcats. – I graduated in 2006 from Immaculate Heart High School in Los Angeles. –… Read More »

Are ALL Latino’s CATHOLIC? | The Kat Call S3 – mitu

– Ugh, does anyone have Pepto or something? My stomach is killing me. – What’s wrong? – I gave up tacos for Lent. Needless to say, things got a little out of hand yesterday. (groans) No more tacos ever again. Ooh! More tacos! – I gave up social media. After posting a selfie and writing… Read More »