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Raider Nation: Football’s Most Passionate Fanbase | Americano Episode 1

Revolutions 101 | National Geographic

– [Narrator] Politics are a powerful and dynamic human creation, a truth most evident in revolutions around the world. A revolution, in a political sense, is a sudden and seismic shift from one form of government to another. While revolutions come in many forms, they often share four characteristcis in varying degrees. Dissident elites, mass… Read More »

Wyoming Catholic College: Colloquium Secundum

Libanus: Who’s your mistress, Delia? Delia: Amelia is my mistress… …Julius is my master… Delia: Who’s your master? Libanus: My lord is Cornelius… …and Fabia is my lady… …is Julius’s household large? Delia: It is large. Libanus: My household’s also large. Delia: Your household? It’s not yours, but Cornelius’s household… …Surely the other slaves of… Read More »

Neighborhood Closeup: VivaCity

– [Narrator] This week on The Handle.In the second of a three part serieson the city’s in-depth neighborhood plans,learn about the past andfuture of Amarillo’s Barrio,and get an exclusive tour of Llano Cemetery.Plus, get bitten by the retro gaming bug.All of this right now on Panhandle PBS,as we tell the stories of the Texas panhandle.–… Read More »

Hispanic Heritage Month | Your South Florida

We don’t want open borders. We don’t want people to come and go without a legal system of immigration. However, let’s not forget our immigrant roots and let’s not forget the generosity of the American heart, because that’s really who we are as a people. This Hispanic Heritage Month former United States Senator Mel Martinez… Read More »