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Holly Baglio & the #Catholic #NIV deception * Rapture [Harpazo] Douglas Hamp #HRM

Do not be deceived by people who use the Catholic NIV. There at least 200 corrupted verses in the NIV Catholic so-called bible including a whole chapter missing + Certain key words missing. Douglas Hamp is a false teacher as is Rob Skiba. They hate the KJV. I even discovered that RichieFromBoston is a Crypto-Catholic.… Read More »

“God’s Word vs. Vain Tradition” (Orthodox & Roman Catholic Church Exposed)

The title of the sermon tonight is “God’s Word versus Vain Tradition.” God’s word versus vain tradition. In this passage, Jesus Christ is confronting the Jews and some of their traditions, things that they had added to the word of God, things that are nowhere to be found in the Old Testament and that in… Read More »

“To the Romans” (Anti-Catholic Sermon with Swedish Subtitles)

title of my sermon tonight is to the Romans to the Romans and I hope everybody brought their Bible to church tonight you should always bring your Bible to church so that you can follow along if you don’t have a Bible we do have Bibles on the bookshelf back there and a big stack… Read More »

“Love Overflows” Rejoice in the Lord with Pastor Jeff Redlin

♪ ♪ Everyone is looking for answers. Answers to both the common and the complicated matters of life. Thankfully the real answers to all of life’s questions are found in the person of Jesus Christ. The Bible is the key that unlocks these answers, providing real solutions for this life and the life to come.… Read More »