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Was ‘Kid Nation’ The Worst Reality Show Ever?

– [Narrator] Welcome to kid nation, one of the most insane reality TV shows ever made. Where unaccompanied minors are driven to the middle of the desert to build a society from scratch. Cook for themselves, clean for themselves, run their own economy, and drink bleach for themselves off camera. Yep. That actually happened. This… Read More »

Playground Build at Catholic Charities Learning Center

[MUSIC STARTS] JIM GANNON: We are building a playground for our children’s learning center here in the South Valley at our new facility Casa de Corazon. It’s amazing just hundreds of volunteers out here working away hammering in the background as you can hear. We specifically serve children from infants to five years of age… Read More »

Community Song (Citizenship Song) – Audio

There’s so much going on around me. Sometimes I think that it is all about me. Then I look around and see what’s in front of me. It’s you and me, we help others in need. [Techno breakdown] I am a citizen, of my society and I participate in my community. I do my part.… Read More »