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Kid President + Glad to Give present How Good Spreads

Making Tough Choices with Kid President

This Special Ed Teacher’s Real-World Lessons will Inspire You | Class Act

Noah : My name is Noah. I give coffee to teachers. Cha Ching!! *laughing* Sadie: As a special ed teacher you have on average kids in three different grade levels and within those grade levels depending on what students you have you are planning for each of those students. “You are each going to have… Read More »

Can Men and Women Be Just Friends? | The Science of Love

Julian: Has it something that in your relationship either of you have acknowledged at one point and brought up? Participant 1: Sex? P2: Are you attracted to me at all? P3: Like us talking about sex? P1: Us talking about sex together? Julian: Can guys and girls be just friends? Can they do it in… Read More »

Here’s the Greatest Lesson We Learned | Going There

– [Oscar] Hi, my name is Oscar, this is Alexa and we just went on a road trip all over America, having conversations with people about life’s big questions, and we’ve covered a lot. After all that, did we learn anything? Let’s get into that. ♫ Hey hey hey hey ♫ Ah ah ah ah… Read More »

How To Change The World (a work in progress) | Kid President

Kid President: There are lots of ideas how you can change the world. Some people think you should just complain about it. That won’t change the world, it will just make it mad! Some people think you have to have lots of money money. Making it rain everywhere you go! Holla for a dollar! Some… Read More »

Married in Vegas 55 Years Ago | The Marriage Project

Me first? My name is Ron Brown and I’m eighty-four years old My name is Bonnie Brown and I’m 81 and we’ve been married for 55 years this April the 9th. Ron: It’s kind of an interesting story I walk into the bar and Bonnie was sitting there all by herself and I said “are… Read More »

How to Talk with LOVE Even If You Disagree | Earth Your While

– Hey, have you ever been at a Thanksgiving dinner, and the conversation gets real heated? Because, you’re just on the opposite side of the spectrum on something. Well, today we’re talking to Steve and John Young, who are father and son, both working in energy, but on opposite sides. We’re hoping to learn from… Read More »

Learn About Catholicism | Have a Little Faith with Zach Anner

-Hey, everybody! It’s a beautiful day, and the air is clean because we’re not in Los Angeles. We’re in Fillmore. And we’re gonna be meeting Blythe, who is a Catholic, who’s 31 and has five children. I’m 29, and I have…an XBox. So, let’s go learn about Catholicism! Hi, you look really young for a… Read More »

Meet Juli, always a door open for hope | My Last Days

-I love a lot of people — a lot of my friends, of course my family — but my kids always come first. When you have a child, when that baby comes out, you automatically just love that child. I mean, it just fills your heart up, and it makes you unbelievably happy. That’s why… Read More »