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Philanthropy and Service-Learning: Why do they matter?

[Music] [What do you think Philanthropy is?] [Isn’t that stamp collecting? It’s a type of pastry! Isn’t it a theory about life?]>>Philanthropy – it’s a pretty big word and an important one, too. It comes from the Greek “filo” which means friend, and if you translate it directly, it is “love of mankind” or “caring… Read More »

Science Summer Program Exposes Kids to the Gross, Mushy and Slimy

– It was just like slimey. (chuckles) – It was really gross. (laughs) – It was kind of like mushy but hard at the same time. – It was kind of like playing, but more better. It’s like working. – If you feel the urge to say, “eww gross.” Correct yourself and say mmm interesting.… Read More »

Pocahontas Catholic School Newscast 2018

good day everyone and happy Catholic schools week where the theme is learn serve lead and succeed I’m Carson reporting with pcs news I’m going to inform you on what activities we are going to engage in to kick off Catholic schools week on Sunday students staff families friends and visitors will be attending Mass… Read More »