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A Prophetic Message to an Ungodly Nation (Jeremiah)

Now I told you a couple of weeks ago that we had finished the New Testament. It doesn’t mean I’ll never go back there again. I will. I have some plans to. But the natural assumption is that we’re going to take a look at the Old Testament. And I do have some plans for… Read More »

Hope for a Doomed Nation (Selected Scriptures)

I have some things on my heart that I want to say to you as your pastor with regard to the nation in which we live. And as I think about Memorial Day and all that’s been sacrificed through the years to give us our freedom, and as we watch those things that we love… Read More »

Strange Fire Q&A: Answering the Critics (Selected Scriptures)

PHIL: It turns out that some of our Charismatic friends and brothers are not happy with you and… JOHN: This is true. PHIL: They’ve been writing a flood of criticisms and complaints and questions about the conference and your book and I’ve collected some of those and I want to ask them to you tonight.… Read More »

Hank Hanegraaff Addressing John MacArthur’s Comments about the Eastern Orthodox Church

Well today I wanted to produce a short video which responds to someone that I consider a friend, John McArthur. John said that any deviation from the gospel of grace is a damning lie to be cursed, and I would agree with him wholeheartedly. But I want to have you listen to what he has… Read More »

Is Music Worship?

For this morning, I thought it might be helpful to us to just take a look at what the Bible says about music in the church, since this is the Lord’s Day that we are sort of inaugurating our new hymnal. I wanted to give you a refreshed perspective on music and the role that… Read More »

Inclusivism And Exclusivism: Is It Possible To Be Both?

There are a couple of volatile religious words that tend to polarize a lot of people. They are the words ‘exclusivism’ and ‘inclusivism’. For some people, exclusivism is really bad, and for others, it is inclusivism which is the most evil. Now, like with so many theological terms, it often takes only the slightest slip… Read More »