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Why Catholics Shouldn’t Eavesdrop

Renée: I mean, things have been pretty interesting with Trump running for president and all…. Joe: Wait, he’s running? Renée: Uh, yeah. Do you live under a rock? Joe: Yes, actually! *Joseph say whaaaaa??* Joe: What? You know, the “ROCK of the Church?” David: So I hear you consecrated leavened bread at your summer camp?… Read More »

Things Lazy Catholics Do

Little Joe: You know Mom wanted us to say grace.. Little Renée: Ohhh, right okay! *together* GRACE!!!! *Mom from in the kitchen* I heard that! Do it properly! Little Joe: Dang it! Friend: Hey, so I hear that you’re Catholic? Renée: That’s right! Friend: Well, I have some questions about the Eucharist. Do you think… Read More »

Catholic Problems

David: Hey, guys! Renée & Joe: Hey! How’s it going? David: Wait, ham sandwich? Dude, it’s Friday! *volume blares loudly* Joe: Hey, you have a pair of ear buds I can borrow? Renée: Oh yeah, sure. Renée: Knock yourself out. David: No, …no!! Renée: All done with Confession and I feel as light as a… Read More »