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How to Explain the Doctrine of Indulgences

Yet more questions for Jimmy Akin on Catholic Answers Live. I’m Patrick Coffin, David in Fountain Valley is up next on Immaculate Heart Radio. Hello, David. Hi there, can you hear me? Yep, loud and clear, go ahead. Okay, so I was hoping you could help me understand the doctrine behind indulgences and how you… Read More »

Why Does Catholic Answers Allow Laypeople to Be Apologists?

We go to Dave in Cincinnati, Ohio listening on Sacred Heart Radio. Dave, you are on with Jimmy Akin. Thank you very much, hello Jimmy. Hi. I beg your indulgence with a short background here but I don’t want to send the wrong impression with the question. I am a life-long Evangelical, and I am… Read More »

Why Have a Patron Saint?

Stephen calling from Scotland, you are on with Jimmy Akin. Hi, guys, how are you guys doing this afternoon? Very well. Just fine. Great. So I tried calling in last night, but there was just so many calls, just wasn’t able to get to me. So my question is, I had a couple Protestant friends… Read More »

What is the Church’s Position on Marijuana?

We go now to Jim in Brighton, Michigan, listening on Ave Maria Radio, Jim, you’re on with Jimmy Akin. Hey, thanks for taking my call. I have not heard a whole lot—we’re in Michigan, and I assume it’s gonna be on the ballot here about legalization of marijuana—but also the medical marijuana exists here in… Read More »

What Does the Church Teach about Reincarnation?

And Joshua on YouTube Live poses the following question: “How do we disprove reincarnation through philosophy if that’s the best method for resolution?” Well, so, it’s an interesting challenge. There…reincarnation is something that you can critique on more than one ground. It is possible to mount a philosophical critique of reincarnation, and point out, for… Read More »

Catholic Answers Live TV | Season 1 | Episode 6

Welcome to the G.K. Chesterton Studio. I’m Cy Kellett, and I get to sit right here at this desk each weekday to host Catholic Answers Live. I’m joined by some of the best apologists, theologians, and ministers you’ll find anywhere, as they respond to caller questions about Catholic life and faith. Today, we’d like to… Read More »

What Is The Catholic Position On Physician Assisted Suicide?

Let’s see if we can get Kelsey in Colorado in before we go. Kelsey you are on with Jimmy Akin, what is your…well, let me see…maybe not…oh okay, sorry, go ahead, Kelsey, sorry. Hi, I’m doing a research paper on the growing culture of death. I’d like to know what the Catholic position is on… Read More »

What Does the Church Teach about Salvation for Protestants?

Dan in Las Vegas Nevada, listening on– Nevada, excuse me–listening on Immaculate Heart Radio, you are on with Jimmy Akin. Okay, thank you very much. The question I have today, I listen to your station quite a bit, is, being that you of course are a Catholic station, I hear things that are kind of… Read More »

How Close Are Catholics and Lutherans to Reuniting?

Go now to Cody in Albuquerque, New Mexico, listening on Immaculate Heart Radio. Cody, what’s your question for Jimmy? Hello, first of all I just want to extend my welcome to the new guest, I forget your name but welcome to the job. Oh that’s me, Cy. Yeah. New host. Yeah. Right. Oh really? Yeah,… Read More »