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St. Joseph | Catholic Central

V/O: The one man who protected the woman he loved and together they raised her son, the savior of the world. Terminator, I mean St. Joseph, action hero. (upbeat music) LIBBY: Today we’re talking about the ultimate strong and silent type, literally. Scripture doesn’t recount one word he spoke. But it does show this guy… Read More »

New Evangelization and the Human Desire for Christ

Yesterday we began meditating upon strategies of evangelization as we find them in the Acts of the Apostles. We considered how it was the desire for the salvation of the jailer’s soul that kept Paul and Silas in prison, for even when the doors had been opened by the angel, they did not leave. So… Read More »

Have the Popes, historically, been good examples for Catholics and Protestants to follow?

>>Ankerberg: Okay, letís get a response.>>Martin: Thereís a severe fallacy in the reasoning. In order to estab¨lish what you just said, you must assume that there is a papacy with the power to do that.>>Pacwa: Yes!>>Martin: Well, I deny the assumption.>>Pacwa: Yes.>>Martin: So…>>Pacwa: Itís a fallacy only if I accept your assumption.>>Martin: Right! Right! Just… Read More »

A Catholic Take on A.D. The Bible Continues | Episode 1

The first episode of A.D., The Bible Continues tells the story from Jesus’ burial through His resurrection. Two major emotions are at play – fear and guilt. Fear because Jesus has just been crucified. Joseph of Arimethea has the courage to go and take the body of Jesus. We also see Caiaphas, the Jewish high… Read More »

Answering a Protestant’s Objections to the Catholic Faith

Julie in Chateau Montana, in Billings, beautiful Billings, Montana, hello Julie. Hi. Hey, thanks for waiting. So why are you Protestant, Julie? Um, well I guess I was raised, like, fifth or sixth generation Norwegian Protestant Lutheran, and I have, throughout–I am 52 years old, and throughout my Christian experience I have studied a lot… Read More »