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Reflection on Advent | Catholic Central

(upbeat music) LIBBY: So, Advent. The four weeks before Christmas that you have to slog through before you finally get something new and shiny, right? Well, maybe, but only if you ignore the lessons of this liturgical season. Advent starts the fourth Sunday before Christmas, and is a time when Catholics focus on the themes… Read More »

Catholic Kids Homilies – Endings and New Things – Ordinary Time 33C

This is the 33rd Sunday in Ordinary Time and we’re getting to the end of the liturgical year. So our readings today are about the end of the world, or the apocalypse. The Greek word “apocalypse” (ἀποκάλυψις) means the unveiling or revealing. These readings reveal how important Jesus is. In the Gospel, Jesus goes to… Read More »

What is the Assumption of Mary?

Welcome to “Frequently Asked Questions about the Catholic Faith”. In this episode, our question is, “What is the Feast of the Assumption of Mary, the Blessed Mother?” The Feast of the Assumption is the Catholic belief that the Blessed Mother, the mother of Jesus, was assumed or taken up into Heaven body and soul. Her… Read More »

‘The Bible Is Banned’ – China Shuts Down Churches, Threatens Christians

Hello everybody I’m just a dude and today I’m going to talk about China we have so much intertwined with China money relations trade and whatnot this is why I don’t like China China is not a capitalist country it is a 100% communist-controlled country and the article reads that we’re gonna go over today… Read More »

A Boy’s Journey to Sainthood: St. Paisios the Athonite

Before the Venerable Paisios the Athonite was glorified and declared a Saint … before he was a beloved elder whose guidance countless people sought … before he was a simple monk or a carpenter or even a soldier, St. Paisios was a child. A baby boy. And like all other babies on planet Earth, he… Read More »

What can St. Paul teach us about Evangelization?

Today we shall continue with our theme of strategies of evangelization From the acts of the apostles where again we encounter another clever tactic employed by St. Paul To find an opening where he can proclaim the gospel we find that today he makes friends with the two Jews who had returned from Italy and… Read More »

A Prophetic Message to an Ungodly Nation (Jeremiah)

Now I told you a couple of weeks ago that we had finished the New Testament. It doesn’t mean I’ll never go back there again. I will. I have some plans to. But the natural assumption is that we’re going to take a look at the Old Testament. And I do have some plans for… Read More »