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Robert Cole 7-15-10

…It’s not as engrained in my memory, detail wise, so some of it we may have to go back and go over a map and kind of clarify some things, but I’ll give you a general outline, and it might be kind of mixed time periods, from Mormon and then post-Mormon Irish, but we can… Read More »

How The Persecuted Irish Travellers Survive The Modern World

MARY TURNER: There’s a great deal of prejudice in the United Kingdom towards Irish Travellers. You hear stories all the time about how dirty they are, how they leave conditions in terrible places, how unpleasant they are. And they were nothing like that. None of those stereotypes ever fitted. NARRATOR: Irish travelers are a nomadic… Read More »

Ireland’s forgotten mixed-race child abuse victims

Our skin colour was beaten into us as nothing but pure evil. We we to be ashamed of it. We were illegitimate, our mothers were whores, our fathers were savages and we had to pay for those sins. Do you know anything at all about your parents? Basically no, it would be easier to break… Read More »

Hilarious Coming Out Story To Catholic Priest

– There were a couple of dozen people scattered around the pews and staring into space, all of them old and I walked passed them looking for a confession box with a light on, when I found one, I stepped inside, closing the door behind me and waited in the darkness for the grill to… Read More »

Gay Marriage in Catholic Ireland | Europe Ties The Knot | Euromaxx

Ireland. We’re not far from the capital Dublin. Euromaxx reporter Andreas Korn was supposed to meet the happy couple here. But then he gets a worried call from them. The suits tailor-made for Wayne Kavanagh and Heitor Rohrer will not be ready in time. The two are at wits’ end. Together with Andreas they go… Read More »

Islam the New Catholicism – TYT History (Professor Rich)

office of residence you want to history we’re trying to some sort of context of the issues of the day what i want to talk about today is this is in fact the police’s united states and i just want to keep in mind that we’re talking about is lost and all the state legislation… Read More »