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India: The work of the Catholic Church with indigenous people

Welcome to Aid to the Church In Need’s Where God Weeps — weekly program dedicated to the situation of the suffering Church around the world. Arunachal Pradesh – a state lying on India’s Northeastern edge at the foot of the Himalayas, a region bordered by China, Tibet, Burma and Bhutan – is inhabited by twenty… Read More »

Experiencing Indigenous Culture at the Ottawa Catholic School Board

First Nations communities think about the community first it’s not about the individual or anybody being better than someone else it’s about what they can bring to their community and what we’re doing here is bringing a First Nations symbol of indigenous community into our communities and helping students understand that it’s about building that… Read More »

Ask us anything: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people

How good are you at throwing a boomerang? Such a stereotypical question! when was the last time you encountered casual racism? every bloody Uber… ‘where you from?’ and I’m just like: ‘I’m Aboriginal’ and they’re like: ‘but you don’t look Aboriginal.’ and then I’m like ‘well you didn’t look racist till you said that!’ and… Read More »

Finding Support, Building Community

The best thing about Laurier for me was the Indigenous Student Centre. My name is Elizabeth Best, my spirit name is Zhekwe which means Going Back Women. When I got here I had no real access to my Indigenous culture prior to Laurier. So I was very nervous. my name is Alanah Morningstar Jewell. my… Read More »