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Christian Life Is A Response To Love – Homily by Archbishop William Goh (12 Sep 2019)

The foundation of Christian faith is not laws. It is not about fulfilling laws because no matter how much we try, we will not be able to fulfill all the laws. Sometimes when we follow the laws, it is also motivated by pride because we are doing all these things as if others cannot do… Read More »

Social Media Policing – Homily by Archbishop William Goh (13 Sep 2019)

If we want to judge, what must we do? First, we need to examine ourselves. We need to judge ourselves. Because the judgement we render to others actually is a reflection of who we are. A good man and holy man will always react with compassion, with understanding, with forgiveness. So the first thing we… Read More »

Called To Be An Apostle Of Mercy – Homily by Archbishop William Goh (09 Sep 2019)

What this world needs most today is mercy and compassion. Unfortunately, this world is filled with wounded people, broken people, hurtful people. People are just retaliating against one another. You read the social media, full of angry words. It is not about helping you, it is not about encouraging you, it is not about uplifting… Read More »