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Cameron Village in Myrtle Beach, SC

Hey Guys, It’s Jeremy Blanton with RE/MAX Southern Shores today I’m down in the Burgess Area I’m going to show you around a neighborhood called Cameron Village. It’s built by Beazer Communities. It has a lot of awesome amenities here so let’s take a look! Cameron Village has an awesome pool it ranges from 3.5… Read More »

ZAGO Manufacturing Wins 2019 Community Service Award

ZAGO Manufacturing is a family-run business, we manufacture sealing components, fasteners. We’ve been in business for over 25 years, we moved in here 15 years ago. There wasn’t many businesses in this area when we moved in but, since then, there’s a lot of economic activity going on here in Newark so we’ve decided to… Read More »

Синагога (1642 г.) и Костел Святого Андрея (1775 г.) 🔥 поездка в Слоним

we couldn’t miss the Slonim synagogue, one of the oldest synagogues surviving in The Republic of Belarus Farny Church of St. Andrew which was built in 1775 Hello! For information… Video is being prepared for Review by you, what was and what has become! Accurate information and history can be read. under the video …… Read More »

Pride in Service

Today we’ve come here as part of the snow angels program. We are here to shovel houses for those Who cannot shovel them for themselves getting to know the people inside the houses it really puts a nice smile on their face Hofstra students are very passionate and dedicated to giving beyond our University and… Read More »

Art creates opportunities to heal at Casa Alitas’ shelter for migrants

-The Trump administration’s Zero Tolerance Policy at the border garnered widespread attention and scrutiny over its resulting family separations, a federal judge ordered a stop to it after more than 26 hundred children had been separated. Last month a Government Watchdog report detailed the trauma endured by children. While CBP has told us it limits… Read More »

Here’s why the ethical priorities of the Catholic Church are so badly warped

 As Pennsylvania investigators worked to confirm up to 1000 cases of sexual abusecommitted by Catholic priests, a panel of Catholic ethicist-theologians appointed by the bishops was also hard at work  Like the Pennsylvania team, the panel serving the bishops sought to ensure that Church-affiliated institutions weren’t ignoring sexual evils  Good on them! you might think. They’re finally taking responsibility for the mess… Read More »