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Here’s why the ethical priorities of the Catholic Church are so badly warped

 As Pennsylvania investigators worked to confirm up to 1000 cases of sexual abusecommitted by Catholic priests, a panel of Catholic ethicist-theologians appointed by the bishops was also hard at work  Like the Pennsylvania team, the panel serving the bishops sought to ensure that Church-affiliated institutions weren’t ignoring sexual evils  Good on them! you might think. They’re finally taking responsibility for the mess… Read More »

Pike Place Market and Gum Wall

Hi guys , How are you all ? Still around Seattle city This time Reiner and Kairo wants to go with you guys to the Gum Wall And of course the very famous Pike Place Market What you see is the public market center or better known as Pike Place Maket And the Gum Wall… Read More »

Boomerang Trick Shots | Dude Perfect

This is the Cody trust shot. Yippee. Dude Perfect. What’s up, guys? We’re Dude Perfect. I’m Logan. World champion boomerang thrower. Let’s have some fun! Let’s turn the lights out. This one’s called the balloonerang. Very nice! Now over the years here, we’ve developed some targets with nice payoffs here at DP sugar glass being… Read More »

Community Service at Las Vegas Veterans Village

So, I’m here today with my amazing realty one group office mates, My partner’s, my team. Hey guys! We are here painting at Veteran’s Village for the amazing Veterans that have served our country so well. Painting railings, filling the food pantry, having a good time. Today is our one day in May where we… Read More »

Finding Support, Building Community

The best thing about Laurier for me was the Indigenous Student Centre. My name is Elizabeth Best, my spirit name is Zhekwe which means Going Back Women. When I got here I had no real access to my Indigenous culture prior to Laurier. So I was very nervous. my name is Alanah Morningstar Jewell. my… Read More »