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Marist: School of Social and Behavioral Sciences

(music begins) COLLEEN: I’ve always known I wanted to care for people My family would always say my heart’s always been bigger than my head. BRANDON: I also want to be an advocate. I want to be a confidant. I want to be someone who can really positively affect people’s lives. BRYANNA: I always knew… Read More »

I Wanna Be a Social Worker · A Day In The Life Of A Social Worker

Let’s face it, sometimes life can get tough and for some people those tough times are far harder than those of the average person. Times where people can feel alone or as if they have nowhere else to turn. Social workers are unique group of people who help those who feel helpless. People dealing with… Read More »

Community Service – Greg S

I’m Greg Smith. I’m with Abilita and I’m a telecommunications expert. But when I’m not doing that, one of my great passions is doing community service and helping other people. And the way I’ve done that is being affiliated with the local Kiwanis club and our focus is on young children. One of the best… Read More »

Mother’s Day Collection

Monseñor Boland: En 1917, había una energía, una energía de apoyo que continua hasta hoy en día. Un grupo de personas se reunieron para tratar de encontrar maneras de ayudar a los que estaban sufriendo en sus comunidades. Hoy, gracias a su apoyo, 97 años después, Caridades Católicas está aquí. Nuestras puertas están abiertas y… Read More »

Yuma Declares Emergency in Bid for Help Handling Surge in Migrants The New York Times

Yuma Declares Emergency in Bid for Help Handling Surge in Migrants The New York Times [Read the , a limited run newsletter about life where the United States and Mexico meet. in your inbox.] LOS ANGELES — The mayor of Yuma, Ariz., a town on the front lines of the latest surge in migration on… Read More »

Saint Joseph’s Catholic Church hands out more than 200 Thanksgiving meals

Church in Pueblo County making sure folks who need have a meal for Thanksgiving st. Joseph’s Catholic Church and blend handed out over 200 meals to people who would be otherwise without one today the line was going out the door with folks wanting those meals and this is a tradition that started back in… Read More »

A Compelling Case for Community Service

and it literally took me up to three blocks to find a home that was not boarded up and i personally started feeling very emotional because i looked at it and i was like where are all these people now? the cultural differences were immediate as soon as we came onto the reservation you can… Read More »