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Siberian Cult Leader Thinks He’s Jesus

[CHORAL MUSIC PLAYING] ROCCO CASTORO: There is a place in Russia where people have discovered the secret of living in perfect harmony. A place where the children run free, where the Earth provides everything you need, and where money is meaningless. Welcome to the Church of the Last Testament. This is Petropavlovka, a small settlement… Read More »

The Real Reason Why Stan’s Family Loves Church – South Park

Come on, guys. We don’t wanna be late. Do I have to go? It’s the only day I get to play games. We’re all going. Come on. I don’t understand why we have to go to church every Sunday. Church is important, Stan. Way more important than video games and TV. Church is about community… Read More »

How to Explain the Doctrine of Indulgences

Yet more questions for Jimmy Akin on Catholic Answers Live. I’m Patrick Coffin, David in Fountain Valley is up next on Immaculate Heart Radio. Hello, David. Hi there, can you hear me? Yep, loud and clear, go ahead. Okay, so I was hoping you could help me understand the doctrine behind indulgences and how you… Read More »

Bishop Barron on Whether Hell is Crowded or Empty

Rob Bell is a evangelist and pastor a leader in this emerging church movement he just wrote a book called Love Wins and it’s a it’s a book about eternal life and he stakes out a more or less Universalist position meaning everyone gets saved so in the end everyone gets to heaven and it’s… Read More »

Do Mormons Catholics and Other Religions Enter Heaven?

It is impossible for anyone to inherit eternal life without the approval of JESUS. How you get the approval is asking HIM what you need to do. You go on your knees in prayer and you ask HIM to reveal Himself. JESUS is the True Living GOD and He manifests to those who love HIM!… Read More »

I had a terrifying dream, and saw nearly all Catholics were plunging into HELL? A Saint told me why.

Jesus Christ, the Perfect Lamb of God Jesus Christ, our Savior and God Jesus Christ, our future Judge Jesus Christ, our Eternal High Priest Jesus Christ, the Alpha and Omega Bishop St Ignatious of Antioch first used the word “Catholic” as speaking of the authority of the Church, founded by Jesus Christ.

Can You Lose Your Salvation By Leaving the Catholic Church?

Toni in Cerritos, California, listening on Immaculate Heart Radio, what’s your question for Karlo? Hi, yesterday I heard on Mother Miriam, she was speaking with a woman that was Catholic, but that she wasn’t getting anything out of the homilies in the Catholic Church, so she went to other parishes and didn’t get anything so… Read More »