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Campus Conversations — Service in the Community

[ Background music ]>>Today it’s all about the community. You’ve heard us say it many times before your community’s college is Montgomery College. Coming up next on Campus Conversations we’ll talk about how Montgomery College programs, employees and students are serving your communities. [ Music ]>>Jason Rivera: Hi I’m Jason Rivera and this is Campus… Read More »

Mike’s Manhattan College Story

>>Eric: Hey. Yeah, I’m back [laughs]. Oh, it was great, man. Italy is the greatest study abroad trip yet. Argentina? It’s a close second, but Italy definitely takes the cake. But your internship made California sound awesome. Uhh, good question. Probably… Professor Wanger’s class, Aspects of Italian Culture. Yeah, man. You know, I didn’t realize… Read More »

Amanda’s Manhattan College Story: Will it float?

>>Amanda [inner dialog] Great job Amanda keep up the good work.>>How is it going?>>Amanda: Not so great.>>Complicated problems usually have simple solutions. Good luck.>>Amanda: Oops, better run. RA duty calls, but first coffee. Gotta be that baristas best customer by now.>>Amanda: Okay. Meeting at four today.>>Hey, meeting at four, four o’clock?>>Yeah. Oh, hey. Jill, Haley.… Read More »

Start Your Manhattan College Story

>>Amanda: Does anybody know how to make concrete float? Anybody? No?>>James: I don’t know much about concrete, but I do know isn’t supposed to float. In fact, I’m pretty sure it sinks.>>Eric: James helpful as always What time does Mike get home?>>Sarah: I don’t know, we should probably text him. He better have some really… Read More »

7 Types of Catholics You Meet in College

They say the college years are the best years of your life, and that’s true for Catholic students, too. You’ll meet very memorable people in Catholic student groups or your campus’ Newman Center. Here are seven types of Catholics you meet in college. The solar eclipse Catholic. you’v met these good Catholics once, but they… Read More »

Tour Manhattan College with James

>>James: Welcome everyone. This is Manhattan College, a private Catholic college that has a small-town feel in one of the biggest cities in the world. I’m James, computer science major, junior. So you’ll be here a lot. These librarians can help you find, whatever it is you’re looking for. The O’Malley library is home with… Read More »

Eric’s Manhattan College Story

>>Hey, I heard that your honor Society was named best in the country. That’s insane. If you have time could you just come talk to the Lasallian Collegians about how you promoted that?>>Eric: Yeah, sure thing.>>Alright, thanks. See you later.>>Eric: See ya.>>Hi, Eric. I was just reading your blog about your work with LOCo. I’m… Read More »

Sarah’s Manhattan College Story

>>Sarah: Hi are you Kelsey?>>Yeah >>Sarah: I’m Sarah with the Quadrangle newspaper. >>Hi. How are you?>>Sarah: I’m great. What are you working on here?>>Actually, I’m working on my summer research project, which is testing different knee braces.>>Sarah: Oh cool. I wear one of these when I bounce here at the Manhattan College Green Club to… Read More »