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Maharashtra drought: This Indian village budgets every drop of water

To check the depth (of groundwater) Subtract the length of the wire overground from its total length The water level is at 18 feet 4 inches VSRT monitors the problems of the village like lack of water, teaching farmers new techniques bringing in water saving techniques like drip irrigation organic farming like bringing down the… Read More »

Why Do We Fast and Give Alms During Lent?

Rosie in Whittier, California, listening on Immaculate Heart Radio. Rosie, you are on with Jim Blackburn, what’s your question please? Hello, how are you? Thank you for taking my call. Can you hear me? We can, yeah? Okay. I’m a catechist for RCIA, and I usually train–I work with questions about Lent, because I go… Read More »

Human Dignity in Catholic Tradition

[Music] The concept of Human Dignity is a core principle of Catholic social thought. Dignity recognizes the collective needs, conditions, and experiences that all persons require to flourish, to lead a genuinely human life, and to envision a common good. It encompasses shared values such as respect for life, freedom, solidarity, equality and justice. Human… Read More »

What’s so good about Good Friday? | Xt3 Vox

What is so good about Good Friday? Oh man I didn’t expect that one (laughs) You get a day off? I think the best thing about Good Friday is the time you’ve got to reflect on the events of everything that happened on Good Friday You get to spend time with family The Good Friday… Read More »

Creating the common good by habit: Nate Garvis at TEDxTC

Translator: Leonardo Silva Reviewer: Elisabeth Buffard Let’s talk about this fabulous world that we live in, and let’s talk about how can make it a little bit better, because it seems like we’re having a little bit of trouble making it a little bit better these days. You know, from the dawn of time, we’ve… Read More »

How To Be a Better Purr-son

Upon receiving their badges our students will graduate to honor Scouts for assisting the elderly Jake honest our graduation or even the homeless amen honor Scouts Congratulations Michael For participation award you’ll get it next time Ladies and gentlemen, and these are your 2019 and our steps You