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Catholics and Statistical Analysis

STUDENT: This is directed to you, Professor. Thank you for coming in. I’d like to– if you could just spend a bit more on your theory– talking about secularization, the aspect of the market– and if you take Catholics out of the statistical analysis, then it works, but if you put Catholics back in, it… Read More »

Bob Sutton: Catholic or Buddhist Approach

How many of you’ve had Michael Doering in the class? Has anybody had Michael Doering in the class? A few people, teaches Launchpad, okay. So we’re sitting around so about 2006, early days of the D.school and Michael says so when the D.school as we start expanding are we going to be Catholics or Buddhist.… Read More »

23. AIDS (II)

Prof: This morning we’re going to do something a little bit different, which is I thought that everyone was ready for a break. So, we’re going to have a guest lecturer this morning. I thought it was particularly important that at some point we give you a perspective from the clinical point of view, and… Read More »