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Being Gay in Scotland: 1 Day in Edinburgh 🏳️‍🌈🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 | Travel Vlog

hello beautiful people I am coming to you live from Edinburgh this gorgeous wonderful city so the thing about Scotland is gay marriage is actually only been legal since 2014 which is a little bit unfortunate in my books but saying that Scotland actually has quite a lot of LGBTQ+ members of parliament so they… Read More »

Catholic Hospital Denies Gay Man HIV Meds

uh… okay i talked to when we talked about the catholic contraception debate about a lot of times slippery slopes dot really exist right a lot of as people say that would be a slippery slope if you open up the store all these other things will happen in many times it’s not really a… Read More »

The Story of Change: IshtarMSM

In the beautiful country of Kenya, things are changing every day From its sprawling cities, to its picturesque countryside Kenya is home to nearly 50 million people Including the advocates and activists at IshtarMSM Men who have sex with men and LGBTI people are still fighting for their basic human rights in the country Same-sex… Read More »

Why Does the Church Discriminate Against Gays?

I’m here at the beautiful Golden Gate Bridge. Listen, I do a lot of Questions and Answers with people and very often young people ask me, Why does the Church hate Gay people? Guys listen, the Church’s teaching about sexual ethics and specifically about homosexuality does not come from bigotry or discrimination the Church’s teaching… Read More »

Catholic Church Sex Scandal Intensifies

right so as promised uh… catholic church well tell they’re fucking everything under the sun them now of course there was the disastrous child sex scandal which is like oh my god oakridge implausible and they convert it up so tremendously to how can how can one do that and sleep at night i think… Read More »

The catholic church’s influence in US politics (The Infidel 2016-02-19)

Republicans are building the wrong wall The website Church and State-dot-org is dedicated to secular government and monitoring breeches and over-reach within the religious community. Recently they posted a lengthy and meandering inventory of issues of concern regarding the Catholic Church’s incursions into government in US politics and the Church’s support of the Republican Party.… Read More »

Armenian Gay Man Comes Out to Father in Emotional Video – “Dad, I’m Gay”

if your dad was on the other side of this lens right now what would you say hi that this is your son this is little Jose and he loves you so much and he’s crying internally to let you know that I’m gay I’m gay I like men and I have a boyfriend I… Read More »

Parade Perjuangan Timor Leste Memerdekakan LGBTQ

Let’s start this parade by praying for God to bless our event today, and praising His name. in the name of the Father… In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, Amen. Long live Timor-Leste! Make some noise! This place is just turning into a big dance party over here. The… Read More »

Professor Emeritus James Nickoloff on “Gay” and “Catholic”: Evolving Identities

– Good afternoon everyone. Thank you all for coming out. It’s good to see some returning faces including our speaker, some faculty I haven’t seen in a long time. So Marianne Hinsdale among them. So I’m Tom Landy, I’m the Director of the McFarland Center for Religion, Ethics and Culture here at Holy Cross and… Read More »