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This Priest LOVES Crossfit

This guy, this guy is my friend. I affectionately like to call him, “The Vomit Rocket.” Welcome my box. This is CrossFit Sherwood Park. I’ve been coming here since the month of July as my new place to get a workout in. CrossFit has been everything that I’ve ever looked for in a workout regime.… Read More »

Outdoor Weddings

Hi, my name is Father Mike Schmitz and this is Ascension Presents. So, people will ask me, on a regular basis, Father, if we can have all the sacraments outside like baptism outside and you could have a whole Mass outside and you can have confession wherever and you can have anointing of the sick… Read More »

Catholic Prayer TAG – How I pray

Hey guys what’s up it’s Tom welcome to ChurchVid.TV where it’s all about helping you live life abundantly by answering your questions about how to be a disciple of Jesus Christ. Today we’re a little off schedule we normally post videos on Mondays and Wednesdays but today we’re posting as a part of Catholic prayer… Read More »

Can I Get a Tattoo?

So people always ask me, “Father Mike what does your what does your ring say?” It’s not um it’s not uh Just say something You’re embarassing me this is I’m in recor– I’m recording this so just say something Just kidding It reads: um It reads, “You are a priest forever” in Hebrew and it… Read More »

Who Do You Spend Time With?

Hi, my name’s Father Mike Schmitz and this is Ascension Presents. So I came across this quote, I don’t know, a couple years ago by a guy named Jim Rohn. He’s a motivational speaker and like kind of a life coach guy and he made this claim. He said that we become the average of… Read More »

Making a Good Confession

Let’s talk about confession and why you need it, Jack! Here’s why you need confession, Jack! … and Jill and Jane and Jimmy. OK Hi, my name’s Father Mike Schmitz and this is Ascension Presents. So one of the things I love to do as a Catholic priest, is I love, I love hearing confessions,… Read More »

3 Ways God Answers Prayers (Catholic Speaker Ken Yasinski)

– Hi, guys, this is Ken Yasinski from Catholic Speaker .com. Today, let’s talk about does God hear my prayers, and does God answer my prayers? (soft instrumental music) So does God answer prayers? I think all of us are comforted with this idea that when we’re in a struggle and we have a need… Read More »

Do Catholics Have a Relationship With Jesus?

For those of us that remember what life was like before social media it’s easy to look at the quality of relationships of some young people today with a bit of cynicism. Like you know back in my day if you wanted to have a relationship with somebody you had to go through the somewhat… Read More »

The Great Adventure Catholic Bible Review – Why you SHOULDN’T get it!

spoiler alert this video is a little bit of clickbait but at the same time I know that not every Bible is for everybody so if you want to know why I don’t think you should get this Bible watch this video hey guys what’s up welcome to ChurchVid TV my name is Tom and… Read More »

Why Does God Let Bad Things Happen?

Hi my name’s father Mike Schmitz and this is Ascension Presents. A number of years ago, a friend of mine had another friend who just this tragic tragic case where he was taking care of his newborn baby and changing the baby on a high table and he turned away just to grab a diaper… Read More »